Inside View: California State University Northridge Men's Soccer (NCAA D1)

Entrance to Matador Soccer Field, home to CSUN Men's Soccer (NCAA D1)

Entrance to Matador Soccer Field, home to CSUN Men's Soccer (NCAA D1)

This month, Upper 90 College APAC gained insight into Cal State University Northridge men's soccer program (NCAA D1). Playing in the Big West conference, 'The Matadors' compete in a tough conference, playing among some of the most successful men's collegiate soccer programs in California.  The Matador's posted an 8-8-3 season,  with several players earning All Big-West  Academic Honors, and Trevor Morley, a senior defender being drafted by Portland Timbers in the 2016 MLS Super Draft. 

Our recruit Jackson Mayer (CFWD, Sydney, Australia) has begun his journey into D1 soccer in January 2016, and his family had experienced the orientation process at CSUN. From the professional facilities, staff and academics, to 'El-Matador Beach' at the door step, their are exciting times ahead for Jackson as he develops under the guidance of Terry Davila and staff at CSUN. Here is an overview from Jackson's parents as to what they experienced during the orientation period for Jackson in January 2016: 

'Before seeing it for ourselves I don’t think any of us understood the level of professionalism that is part of the Student Athlete program at CSUN. Our eyes were certainly opened on the orientation tour. We were introduced to everyone from the Director of Athletics, the head coach and assistant coaches through to all the physical training, health and well-being support and then onto the Academic support. Everyone was super keen to work with and help Jackson be the best student athlete he can be.

After the initial physical examination came the baseline physical testing for strength and agility. This was followed by a trip in the BodPod which measures Thoracic Gas Volume and Fat Mass and finally a very comprehensive concussion testing all of which Jack found very interesting. The facilities to train and recover are fantastic- they even have an anti-gravity recovery machine, but I hope Jack doesn’t need this one, Alter-G.

The first week has been very busy, Jack is doing all sorts of training from weights to agility and ball work 5 days a week 8:30 to 12:30 and then has class in the afternoons and/or evenings. When he doesn’t have class on Fridays he’s involved in a community support program where this week they built the goals for the local high school. They keep him so busy he hardly has time to scratch, and on Saturday they had forwards training, just in case they hadn’t had enough football.

He’s loving it, and looking forward to his first game which is against the LA Galaxy II team. It’s a fantastic opportunity to work on both his game and his education all in the Californian sun.'

Upper 90 College APAC are very excited for Jackson and family as he transitions into the CSUN Men's Soccer  Program!