Harry Rubinic: A Powerful College Placement Story

Congratulations to our client Harry Rubinic on his signing with Plymouth State Men's Soccer (NCAA D3, Little East Conference). Plymouth State University is located in New Hampshire, New England, and is a historically very strong men's soccer program in the NCAA D3, under the guidance of Coach Robert Wright, where my fellow recruit Nicholas Rutherford has had a tenured and stand out career to date on the pitch and in the class room.

I'm extremely proud of Harry, and to give you some context on how our 1:1 approach had helped Harry navigate some potential pitfalls in regard to the recruiting process, you'd be amazed at his story. I've known Harry for many years, he had attended some of our training sessions throughout the years, and I was always impressed with his technical ability (Midfielder) and size (6'3").

Over the years, I lost touch with Harry, I know he had a rough patch at home, and this affected his schooling. Out of the blue, earlier this year, Harry contacted me and mentioned he was interested in the pathway into college soccer in the US. He told me that he was kicked out of high school at one point, and also, had dropped out of high school in Year 10, given the situation at home and the pressures this caused as he was growing up. He hit some pretty big stumbling blocks.

Though, over the years he worked extremely hard, and with the support of his Mum and Sister, had diligently set aside money for his goal...that is, to study medicine in the US!? I scratched my head a little when he mentioned this over the phone. It was a rock and hard place in the recruiting cycle. I had him sit his GED...he blew it out of the park...I asked him to sit his SAT...he kicks that out of the park as well!

He sends the profile he created out to a network of coaches he was considering and within 48 hours no fewer than 18 college soccer programs are chomping at the bit for Harry to join their program across all divisions once they heard his story! Harry really set his sight on PSU for it's academic focus (D3), and they embraced him for his hard work to his study, and the ability to do the courses he required to gain entry into Pre-Med, it's location in New England, and the history of the soccer team which he will surely impact further alongside our recruit Nick.

Harry's story is telling, as I meet many soccer players locally and abroad that talk about what they want to achieve, give them some hurdles and they stumble and give up...Harry saw a huge wall and crashed through it. I'm so excited to see what this young man will achieve both academically, chasing a career in Medicine, and on the field as a footballer. Goes to show, you should never give up, no matter how much adversity you face in life, Harry is truly a testament!

Harry recently contacted me, and had mentioned how much the journey (albeit still an early first step) has changed his life. 

Myself, Bradley Walker, Leon Kita and the team are extremely proud of you Harry, and I know Mum (Kate) and your Sister, team mates and friends here in Sydney will be extremely happy for you! Can't wait to see what your future holds!