Formed in 2010, with a footprint across the globe, we are a leading US college sports recruiting | athletic development company which aid our clients in guiding and preparing them to interact with US college programs across all divisions of US college sports in the NCAA, NAIA and NJCAA.

Its founders have extensive experience in the sports industry, being competitive athletes themselves at a collegiate level in the US, including training and development of competitive athletes, sports marketing, with an extensive network within the US collegiate system, as well as professional clubs and leagues throughout the world.

Over the years we have built a foundation of successful relationships around the world at an international school level, and with governing body’s in the international football market.

Upper 90 College’s mantra is:  Recruit. Develop. Succeed.

Our Philosophy

Recruit: Taking the leap into US college soccer can be an extremely stressful undertaking, not only for the budding student athlete and their families, though also for the college coaches we interact with daily. College coaches are very specific in their recruiting process, and their recruiting cycle is perpetual. We've worked diligently over many years to establish a very in-depth understanding of the technical, tactical and specific positional requirements of over 1000 men's and woman's college soccer programs across the NCAA and NAIA on a year per year basis. At any given time, in any given year, our staff know the teams that are looking for college soccer players in your specific position, with your specific skill sets, and we work relentlessly to make sure you are trained and developed in a way to match your own unique abilities with the university soccer program you uncover yourself as a right fit for you.

Develop:  Our College Placement Directors are highly experienced coaches, who played at the top flight of US college soccer. We've developed a proven methodology to analyze our athletes via our US College Soccer ID Camps held globally. We leverage our partnerships with elite athletic development companies to analyze athletic performance to provide a holistic view of strengths and weaknesses for our student athletes to better themselves, and for coaches to gain insight on how to further enhance the incoming recruits that may have come through our training process.  Ultimately, we develop a complete athlete for the specific requirements for US college soccer coaches in our vast network of US college soccer programs.

Succeed: Our team go beyond the extra mile for our student athletes and families, including our college soccer coaching network to provide the information you require at our training days throughout the year so that you have the tools necessary to go out and market yourself to find the best fit athletically, academically and financially as a student athlete alongside your family. We want to make sure that the 4 years you spend in the US college soccer system are the very best years you'll experience in your life! We believe in maximizing the success of our clients and college soccer programs both on and off the field, that's our guarantee!