The Upper 90  team works directly with each student-athlete and family to identify the right academic, athletic and social fit, considering field of study, geographic locations, size, and other important factors.  We do this while ensuring that we are evaluating the proper athletic level where you have a realistic chance to compete for playing time.

Media | Video 

Our highly qualified video analysis team work diligently to review, edit, produce & create a superior quality 3-5 minute highlight reel that showcases your talents during the recruiting process. The Upper 90 team knows what coaches are looking for and what catches their attention.  We ensure that each student athlete maintains access to all of their raw footage so that  each recruit can share with coaches upon their request.

Athlete Marketing

We have a detailed database that provides a window view into the exact positional requirements of each college sports program we interact with across all divisions of college sports. We begin with the  extensive marketing of each of our student athlete by emailing and calling coaches to discuss coaches needs, their interest, where each recruit fits into their plans, and most importantly academic and athletic scholarships.  We continue the marketing process dilligenbtly, and 1:1 to make sure we uncover as many college program opportunitiues as possible for our clients. 


Being the intermediary between your chosen college sports programs and coordinating communications between parents & athletes is a vital part of the successful placement process we provide our student athletes and families.  Our  process for you, with each interested school, starts with a conference call with coach, family, & an Upper 90 staff member & continues during the recruiting period.


Upper 90 works for our recruits and not any University, we work directly on your behalf to uncover every scholarship dollars we can.  We negotiate with coaches and admissions to ensure that each student-athlete receives as much as they can in their academic and athletic awards, as well as uncover any needs-based funding.

Testing & Admissions

Work directly with parents and student-athlete on all matters regarding standardized testing (SAT, ACT and TOEFL), as well as ensuring that all documentation and paperwork are provided to each institution and their admissions personnel.  We keep you informed of all deadline dates and needs to finalize admission.


We assist and ensure that you complete the eligibility process for either the NCAA and/or NAIA, including providing those recruiting you necessary information..  This is one the most important parts of the recruiting company, as without eligibility from the NCAA or NAIA, one cannot compete or even practice at the college level.


Once our recruits make their final decision, Upper 90 provides support for all athletes during their college athletic career.  Each member of the Upper 90  team has played and/or coached at the college level and is accessible via phone, text, or email to assist to ensure success in the classroom and on the field/court.

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